Top 10 Sites For Buying Solar Panel Equipment

Which are the top solar panel sites to use when buying your equipment?

I am thinking of installing my own solar panel equipment so I am starting to look around at the best places to buy the equipment.

I love the growth these sites have received in the past few months!

top sites in solar

  • 125,862
  • 99,946
  • 94,438
  • 37,800
  • 65,500
  • 31,200
  • 29,344
  • 23,381
  • 9,194
  • 8,400
  • 7,800
  • 7,000

The list above gives you a good idea which solar panel online store gets the most traffic.

You might be able to guess that the top three sites which get the most traffic might get the best volume discount from the suppliers which can be passed on to you. Might also figure that the top three might also have the best customer service and other attributes like best shipping rates.

I that I didn’t add to the list is Amazon which also sells solar equipment.