Solar Panels Education

Solar power education options for the DIY Solar installer.

So lets say you are like me and you are thinking of installing your own solar panel system. Perhaps you are cheap like me and if you do it yourself. DIY solar panels will payback your investment faster. Or perhaps you love the challenge of a large DIY do-it-yourself project.

But lets say you have no idea where to begin. So you are thinking about getting some solar panel education first.

Of course there are national certification courses you can take to become certified as a solar contractor – but that is not what you want because you just want to install one system – yours.

What you are looking for is solar panel classes.

I did a search on Google and only found one in the Denver area. Ken Thames offers a $75 class – 4 hours long that might be perfect for getting started.

I also looked for solar power workshops and found But these workshops are around $1,000 which is more geared to the person wanting to become a solar contractor.

Or you could attend the next solar conference and expo in San Diego in October. But the conference pass is around $1,000 and it will cost you for airfare and lodging. I might attend the next one, it looks like a great conference.

Another option is reading a book. I own are really good book “Photovoltaics Design and Installation Manual” by Solar Energy International published in 2004. It is $37 on Amazon. I would recommend this book.

Of course the last option is to read this blog as I install my own system.