This Solar Panel Does Not Seem To Make Sense

Sometimes I wonder if people install panels just for the PR.

Where solar panels don't make sense

Big expense

Solar power light

Mounted with no angle to sun

Original power connection

Sometimes I see solar panels put up just for the idea of giving the facility a little PR. This is one of those panels.

It appears that this panel just powers one light pointing at the apartment’s front sign.

I gotta think that is cost several thousand dollars to purchase and install all this equipment for one light.

What really got my attention on this panel was the angle in which it is mounted. It is mounted vertically on top of the apartment sign. Also why on top of the sign, that just looks bad, I am sorry but it does. I think they want people to see it, perhaps they want people to know that they are ‘Green’.

I will make you a bet that this panel will never recover it’s installation cost. Why because in a about 4 or 5 years when this apartment complex changes hands, the new owner’s will say that just looks bad and will remove it.