Home Depot is Now Offering Solar Panel Installation

I went down to the local Home Depot and talked with Pat the electrician about their new solar installs they are offering.

My wife told me she saw a sign up at Home Depot announcing that they now install solar powered systems.

I needed some electrical stuff this weekend so I headed down there to ask about it. Apparently they have a partnership with SunFlower Solar out of Boulder Colorado to serve this Home Depot’s location (I spoke with Pat in the Electrical dept.). I went to the Sunflower web site but didn’t see anything about Home Depot. I gotta think Namaste Solar Electric and other Boulder solar installers are missing the boat as SunFlower gets some good branding in place since they are already aligned with McGuckins Hardware in Boulder.

Home Depot had tried a test program in California on over 200 stores to see if they wanted to do it else where and it looks like it must have been successful because they are expanding it to Colorado.

But perhaps going with Home Depot might not be the best choice however:

“At The Home Depot, we’ve teamed with BP Solar to offer you BP Solar Home Solutions – the best in solar power systems and installation.”

It sounds like Home Depot will limit you on your choice of equipment which might not be a good thing.

On a side note, the Home Depot Store is located in Louisville Colorado which is surrounded by HOA covenant communities which could cause an issue. My town of Superior allows Solar Panels but has some very strict guidelines. More on that later.