Are Solar Panels Right for You?

If you’re thinking about investing in solar power for your home but you’re a little nervous, read this.


Today’s blog post will be addressing whether or not solar panels are right for you, your home, and your neighborhood. Obviously, using solar panels is a good thing to do for the environment and your home, but this will help you assess whether or not using solar panels is a smart idea considering your home, the amount of money you can spend on them, and your neighborhood’s needs.  Adding solar panels to your house can be a very big decision, So I plan on trying to make it just a little easier for you to decide whether or not you can pull this off.

The first issue that needs to be addressed when you are thinking about investing in Solar Panels is your location. Take the time to research how much cloud cover your area normally gets, as solar panels require direct sunlight, so installing solar panels in area with a lot of cloud cover might not be a great idea. You may also want to figure out or asses how much energy you and/or your family uses. If you use a lot of energy, installing solar panels may save you tons of money. Also, keep in mind the area you will be putting the panels on if you so choose to do so- your roof. Some contractors will not install panels on a roof that will need to be replaced within 15 years and steep pitches, flat roofs, and trees that cast a shadow on your house can all limit exposure to the sun. Solar panels work best when the roof faces south. And the last thing to keep in mind is your budget. Solar panels can help you save a ton of money, and some states have programs that can help you with the cost of installing them as an incentive for you to install them, so make sure to find out whether your state can help support you in this way. Overall, however, solar panels tend to be pretty generous to your wallet- the average solar customer saves about 20 thousand dollars over 20 years. Pretty sweet, right?

Thanks for tuning in and best of luck!