Why Advertise on SolarDave
We have some of the best solar content on the web for those wanting to get started with solar and have questions they want answered. Most of our blog posts have videos and our videos have been watched over 400,000 times.

Banner Advertising
We currently offer graphical banner advertising opportunities on SolarDave located on the right sidebar of the page. We currently have a limit of 4 sponsors for the main blog pages.

For current ad rates, please contact us at via our contact page.

Sponsor Requirements:

  • One of only 4 available sponsorships can be purchased
  • A high-impact, 300×250 creative
  • 12K file size limit
  • Your graphic must be hosted by us
  • No animation or Flash ads
  • We ask for the ads to not be too distracting from the content
  • Graphic linked to your landing page (nofollowed)

Current Availability:
There are 0 ad slots available at this time, contact us for up-to-date traffic data and ad rates.

A minimum three-month, pre-paid contract.

April 2010 Statistics for SolarDave
All data is compiled from Google Analytics for accuracy.

  • Unique Visitors: 5,140
  • Pageviews: 12,300
  • Browser Types: IE 49%, Firefox 32% , Safari 9%, Chrome 8%
  • Operating Systems: Windows 85%, Macintosh 12%, Linux 1%
  • Connection Speeds: Cable 37%, DSL 25%, T1 14%, Dialup 2%

The demographics chart below comes from, we have not verified if any of this information is correct. However, the age for SolarDave visitors appears to make sense for the typical person interested in solar. We have also compared SolarDave to some of our competitors on QuantCast and the demographics appear very similar.

Below is from YouTube:

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Please email Dave and let us know if you are interested in advertising with us.